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Create your first Dashboard!

It’s time to visualize your data, and Discovery uses Dashboards to provide you with time series data. Dashboards are your main point of contact with your devices and data coming in from the deployed IoT solution. Dashboards can also be used to build custom reports, export data, or even have the dashboard emailed to you daily!

📘 Blank Dashboard

Creating a blank Dashboard

  1. Login to your Discovery account

  2. Open the Dashboard Groups page. Open default dashboard group “All.”

  3. Click on the "+" icon in the top right corner to create a new dashboard.

  4. Type in a dashboard name. For example, "My First Dashboard,” then click "Add."

  5. Now your dashboard should be listed first since the table sorts dashboards using the time of thier creation by default. Click on the "Open dashboard" icon.

    Open Dashboard Icon

📘 Entity Alias Setup

Alias refers to a single entity or a group of entities used in the widgets. An alias may be static or dynamic. For simplicity, we will use the “Single entity” alias to reference only one entity (a Device). It is possible to configure an alias that references multiple devices. For example, devices of a certain type or related to a certain asset.

  1. Enter edit mode. Click on the pencil button in the bottom right corner.

  2. Click the "Entity Aliases" icon in the top right part of the screen.

  3. You will see an empty list of Entity aliases. Let's “Add“ a new one! Click "Add alias"

  4. Input alias name, for example, Device1 Select "Single entity" filter type.

  5. Select "Device" as the Type and type the name of a device in your device list (or just select from the dropdown). Choose your device from the auto-complete.

  6. Click "Add" and then "Save."

  7. Finally, Click "Apply changes" in the dashboard editor to save the changes. Then you should enter edit mode again.

All done! You now have your first Dashboard! Now we can move on to adding widgets and start seeing the real power of Discovery.

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