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Echolo Discovery

Echolo Discovery is robust, scalable, and user-friendly. It supports various IoT use cases by providing flexible and powerful out-of-the-box features to cut down the time to market for your connected products and intelligent solutions. The platform is device-agnostic, allowing you to send and analyze telemetry data from any device, connected device, or application, including integrations to AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT, and much more. Discovery's comprehensive features and rich platform APIs allow you to save time and resources on routine IoT tasks and concentrate on specific elements of your IoT solution.

Discovery Topics

Use Cases

Environment Monitoring

Monitor and analyze indoor and outdoor environments using a wide range of sensors. Discovery supports data acquisition using modern connectivity technologies, including integrations with popular devices.

Fleet tracking

Discovery allows tracking vehicles' state and alerts with various sensors, plotting vehicle routes in real-time, and browsing their device history using customizable high-quality widgets and dashboards.

Water Metering

Enable water consumption data collection, analysis, and fraud or leak detection using Discovery. Use interactive dashboards that allow administrators and end-users to browse the state of the water meters and aggregated water consumption statistics. Enable alarms over SMS and email and integrate with external billing systems.

Smart Retail

Control quality of food storage by monitoring chillers and freezers. Ensure availability of the goods using intelligent shelves. Ensure safety using motion detection and fire alarms. Discovery provides a solution template to monitor supermarket assets, browse historical data and generate alarms based on user-defined thresholds.

Smart energy

Deliver and store data from smart meters in a reliable, fault-tolerant way, visualize real-time and historical energy consumption data on customizable end-user dashboards, and integrate with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions.

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