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Quick start for Hermes 1

Hermes 1 comes pre-configured for your application and does not require any action on your part.


  1. After unboxing the Hermes 1, depending on the configuration you should use the power adaptor included with the unit or wire it to 12v DC @ 3A.

  2. After providing the unit power make sure the orange LED is on and solid.

  3. The Network Connectivity Status LED should power on and settle to Red until a cellular connection is made and then it will transition to Green.

  4. All LED’s should be on and in one of the color states listed here Hermes 1


  • There is an activity LED located under the Hub lid. You can remove all four screws and it will be a green LED located in the top right corner of the case. This LED should be blinking, if not blinking the unit is not functioning properly and you should contact support.

  • If all status LEDs are Red for more than 5 minutes after boot check the activity LED located under the lid, if the activity LED is blinking you should restart the Hub.

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