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Quick start for the Echolo G1


  1. First, unbox the ILR and locate the USB cable and power supply OR if using Power over Ethernet (PoE), locate the PoE cable.

  2. Plug the USB cable into the ILR OR if using PoE, plug the Ethernet into the PoE Port.

  3. Once the unit has power, you can now connect the Hub to the internet by using the Ethernet port OR WiFi Setup.


  • LED Multi Colors moving in a circular motion: This indicates the Hub is in Startup mode OR that the Hub can not connect to the internet.

  • Gray/Silver LED moving in a circular motion: The Hub is trying to connect to the internet and IoT Network.

  • Single Color Fading in and out changing colors: This indicates the Hub has connected to the IoT network and internet and is in Scan mode.

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