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Service Profiles

Service profiles allow your data to be split into different pools and parsed by the Echolo IoT platform into readable and understandable formats for your external or Echolo’s internal tools. The Service profiles also allow your data to be delivered to custom locations both internally to Echolo applications and externally to your applications. Service profiles are broken into two distinct types, as shown below:

Swagger documentation for this API:

Device Profiles

Device Profiles, also known as Device Integrations, allow you to use a specific/custom device on the Echolo IoT Platform. For example, if using a custom GPS device, you might be assigned a Service Profile ID that looks like “MyCustomDevice1“ as the Echolo IoT Platform consumes data from your device, it will be spit apart and formatted based on your device packet breakdown. Echolo manages all Device Profiles; we have many out-of-the-box integrations and offer custom profile builds for your custom devices. Don't hesitate to contact support if you need a custom device added to our system.

Rule Delivery Profiles

Rule Profiles allow you to specify where to send your results after a rule has run and met your conditions. Connecting to webhooks, IFTTT, MySQL, Redlist, and more is easy. A single Rule Delivery Profile can contain multiple items called “Delivery Methods. “ Each delivery method can connect to a different service. For example, I can have one Delivery Profile that sends collected data based on the above Device Profile to a webhook and my MySQL database simultaneously.

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